Mother’s Day and brunch are basically synonymous. This year, if you happen to be sheltering in place with Mom, embrace staying in and do it up big! Make her a meal that shows her how much you care: If she’s got a sweet tooth, any one of the sweet and fruity French toast options will do the trick. Want to serve something hearty and savory? A breakfast casserole or savory breakfast cake fits the bill. To round things out, we’ve included a few cocktails and mocktails, because even if you can’t be with your mom in person, you can raise a glass and toast her over Zoom.

1. Breakfast Banana Split with Yogurt and Jam

Mother’s Day breakfast doesn’t have to be fancy, especially if you have small kids who want to help prepare the meal. This easy “banana split” replaces ice cream with yogurt, and hot fudge with jam. You could even serve it as an appetizer in bed while the rest of the brunch meal is being prepared.

No celebratory brunch would be complete without a cocktail. This citrus-spiked sangria recipe is a wonderful alternative to the classic mimosa. Just be sure to make it the night before so it has enough time for the flavors to meld.

Get the recipe: Breakfast Sangria

3. Easy, Ethereal Popovers

You can’t go wrong adding buttery popovers to your brunch menu. The airy, buttery roll is lighter than the traditional biscuit or scone, but is equally delectable when slathered with butter and jam.

Get the recipe: Easy, Ethereal Popovers

4. Lemon Brioche French Toast & Raspberries

What’s the fastest way to make French toast fancier? Use brioche in place of the regular bread. The enriched loaf makes for a sublimely buttery and sweet French toast. We love this lemon version because the citrus notes keep the dish from tasting too heavy.

Get the recipe: Lemon Brioche French Toast & Raspberries

5. Egg, Arugula & Herb Tartine

Want to fancy up scrambled eggs? Try making this tartine recipe instead. Simply by adding a handful of arugula and herbs to your normal scrambled egg routine you’ve taken a weekday staple into brunch territory. Serve them artfully plated atop two slices of toasted and buttered sourdough for a final touch. Bonus points for including sausage and a flower to garnish.

Get the recipe: Egg, Arugula & Herb Tartine

6. The Bright & Bitter Mocktail

Want to add something to the brunch spread that’s a little more interesting than OJ? This mocktail made with cranberry and citrus juices is the sweet and refreshing answer. And of course, you can always add gin, rum, or tequila to turn it into an easy cocktail.

Get the recipe: The Bright & Bitter Mocktail

One of our favorite recipes to make in a cast iron pan is shakshuka, and this green version is a delightful update. The base is made from a range of greens like chard, leeks, celery, and spinach, although you can experiment based on what you have on hand. The best part? There’s only one pan to wash at the end of such a flavor-packed dish.

Get the recipe: Green Shakshuka

8. Smoked Salmon Egg Boats

The egg boat is a perfect brunch recipe if you have little hands who want to help in the kitchen. Put them to the task of scooping out the bread for the boat. Just make sure they don’t end up eating all of it while you make the filling. If salmon isn’t for you, you can substitute in any number of fillings like sautéed mushrooms or cooked bacon.

Get the recipe: Smoked Salmon Egg Boats

9. Spicy Kombucha Bloody Mary

If Mom is looking for something fizzy and fun on the table, you’ll want to make sure this Bloody Mary with kombucha is on the menu. The kombucha gives it just the right amount of kick and pairs well with the tomato juice.

Get the recipe: Spicy Kombucha Bloody Mary

10. Deep-Dish Quiche Lorraine with Swiss Chard and Bacon

Make your plain ol’ quiche Lorraine more impressive by transforming it into this sky-high, deep-dish version. Yes, it might take a little bit more effort than a normal quiche or scrambled eggs, but isn’t Mom worth it?

Get the recipe: Deep-Dish Quiche Lorraine with Swiss Chard and Bacon

Imagine Mom’s surprise when you present her with a bouquet — or, rather, a plate — of these mini apple rose pies. While they are shockingly easy to assemble, you will need a mandoline to get the apples sliced thinly enough.

Get the recipe: Mini Apple Rose Pies

12. Yotam Ottolenghi’s Cauliflower Cake

If you have the time and want something seriously impressive, you can’t go wrong with an Ottolenghi recipe. The acclaimed British chef makes some seriously delicious, incredibly beautiful vegetarian recipes. This cauliflower cake — perfect for a morning meal — is one of our favorites.

Get the recipe: Yotam Ottolenghi’s Cauliflower Cake

13. Chocolate-Glazed Baked Doughnuts with Sprinkles

14. How To Make a Cinnamon Roll Wreath

Why make regular cinnamon rolls in a pan, when you could make this cinnamon roll wreath instead? Don’t worry — it’s a lot easier than it looks. All you have to do is snip the cinnamon roll log before shaping it into a wreath.

Get the recipe: How To Make a Cinnamon Roll Wreath

15. Elderflower & Lemon Sparkling Sipper

Crisp, refreshing cava serves as the base for this subtly floral cocktail, although you can use just about any bubbly you have on hand. All you’ll need to add is elderflower syrup or St. Germain, a bit of lemon juice, and a few raspberries to garnish.

Get the recipe: Elderflower & Lemon Sparkling Sipper

16. Make-Ahead “Ham & Cheese” Breakfast Casserole

This is a classic from The Kitchn’s recipe archives. In fact, it still holds the title as the best brunch casserole we’ve ever made. The key? Instead of using ham, we use prosciutto. Doesn’t Mom deserve the best?

Get the recipe: Make-Ahead “Ham & Cheese” Breakfast Casserole

17. How To Make a French Omelette

We’re not going to lie, making a perfect French omelette takes a little bit of practice. So you might want to hone your skills by making breakfast for dinner one night this week before you show off your new skills to Mom. She’ll love it regardless!

Get the recipe: How To Make a French Omelette

18. Rhubarb-Basil Cocktail

Take advantage of rhubarb season with this sweet and tart cocktail. You can even prep the rhubarb purée that forms its base a couple of days in advance to save time on Sunday morning.

Get the recipe: Rhubarb-Basil Cocktail

19. Spring Frittata with Asparagus and Radishes

We love the combination of asparagus and radishes — it’s such an easy way to capture the freshness of spring! Combine the two in an eggy frittata you can serve warm or at room temperature.

Get the recipe: Spring Frittata with Asparagus and Radishes

20. Savory Parmesan French Toast

Think French toast can only be super sweet? Think again! This savory version, made with plenty of Parmesan, is a must-try for non-believers. In place of syrup, try topping it with either tomato chutney or bacon jam (or a combination of the two).

Get the recipe: Savory Parmesan French Toast

21. Crustless Quiche with Summer Vegetables

The most finicky thing about a quiche is the crust. Save yourself the hassle and skip it in favor of this veggie-packed recipe. We promise Mom won’t miss the crust — especially if you serve popovers, biscuits, or rolls alongside it.

Get the recipe: Crustless Quiche with Summer Vegetables

22. Arugula & Fennel Salad with Lemon Vinaigrette

No spring brunch would be complete without a fresh side salad. This peppery version makes good use of the arugula that’s popping up in markets now. And fennel adds that slight licorice flavor that helps cut through other rich dishes.

Get the recipe: Arugula & Fennel Salad with Lemon Vinaigrette

23. Yogurt with Caramelized Figs

Simple and elegant, this yogurt dish makes a great side for brunch, or an early morning breakfast to enjoy in bed. If you don’t have pistachios on hand, walnuts, pecans, or pumpkin seeds work as well.

Get the recipe: Yogurt with Caramelized Figs

24. Potato Breakfast Gratin with Red Peppers & Parmesan

Somewhere between a gratin and a frittata exists this breakfast casserole. It’s lighter than a gratin, since the eggs replace much of the cheesy sauce, but heartier than many frittatas, thanks to the layers of potatoes. Basically, it’s the best of both worlds.

Get the recipe: Potato Breakfast Gratin with Red Peppers & Parmesan

We’d eat tacos for every meal if we could, and these breakfast tacos are some of our favorites. Of course, you should customize your recipe to fit your mom’s favorite flavors, but use these as a base to get them just right.

Get the recipe: Breakfast Tacos

26. Baked Croque Monsieur Casserole

Make a big batch of croque monsieur without having to toil over the stove for hours. This version, reminiscent of a layered casserole, comes together quickly, and bakes in the oven while you’re preparing other dishes.

Get the recipe: Baked Croque Monsieur Casserole