8 Best Spy Apps for Android and iPhone: AI Analysis Results from Phone Users

  Nobody uses their phone for just talking to others today. Instead, you love to text friends, take some

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Nobody uses their phone for just talking to others today. Instead, you love to text friends, take some great pictures, or even visit your favorite websites. You watch movies and TV shows or just browse online.

The different social media and messaging apps help you exchange texts with one, send pictures with another, and receive videos with a third. However, with so many options, children spend most of their waking hours on their phones.

We rarely monitor their social media activity. Teenagers may engage in sexting, online gambling, or prolonged gaming. In such a situation, a spy phone app will fulfill your needs. You can track the social media activities of children, your partners, as well as your employees. You have features like a keystroke tracker, internet monitoring, remote control, and more.

If you browse for the best spy phone app, you will find several that are suitable for your needs. But not all of them are secure – some might even leak your data and activity logs. However, apps on the list below provide high-grade security and multiple monitoring features.

The Halvorson Media Group applied machine learning algorithms and analyzed various spy apps for smartphones. Based on its data, the company releases a report on the best applications. The artificial intelligence tools have qualified the selections based on various parameters.
Site Why Best? Key Features

The outstanding feature set, overall functionality, and compatibility with all devices make this solution a top choice.

Track & monitor calls
Manage social media activity
Gps & geo-fencing
Monitor browsing activity


The easy-to-use and functional mobile app for Android devices offer a variety of features to meet your every need.

Listen to calls & surroundings
Gain passcode access
Remote controls
Control their online & offline activities

ClevGuard ?

The app offers a full-fledged set of features for safeguarding kids and monitoring their online activities.

Monitor social apps
Access inbuilt apps & functions
Gain remote control
Application perks

SentryPC ✅

Multiple monitoring features allow gaining insight on timestamps, IP details, search history, print job history, and application usage stats.

Multiple monitoring functions
Content filtering
Convenient management
User-friendly interface

uMobix ✨

Great location tracking features, multiple opportunities to monitor social media, and affordability make the app stand out.

GPS tracking
Get control over their socials
Obtain keystrokes
Access photos & videos

iKeyMonitor ?

The app allows monitoring multiple devices and not only tracking but also analyzing online activities on the target devices.

Analyze messages
Get passcodes & take screenshots
Phone control
Check reports at your convenience

Mobile Spy ?

It’s the most suitable spyware app, helping you uncover the activities that are going on live on a target device.

Live control panel
Monitor communications & messaging apps
Track web history
Access media files

TheOneSpy ?

Apart from recording live phone calls and bugging the device for surroundings, the app has some unique features, allowing you to perform remote activities on a target device.

Bugging & recording
Take camera control
Know their plans
Track location & geo-fencing

What Are The Evaluation Parameters?

If you’re looking to know and track other’s activities remotely, you need to decide what you need first. Are you looking to know about the calls, the messages sent or just the things that someone does on an app? Knowing your purpose will help you decide what’s the right bet for you.

You can track social media activities remotely. The ones we have reviewed in our list are a blend of the best functions. You can efficiently track & record live phone calls, record keystrokes, limit screen time and enjoy more benefits.

Before choosing your preferred spy app, ask yourself, where can you utilize it? Do you have children who are curious and at a tender age? Spy apps can help you monitor their calls. Do you suspect your employee is leaking your company’s confidential data? Spy apps can confirm that for you.
Security & Interface

The best security features and protocol should be one of your priorities. Please ensure that the app you opt for doesn’t leak data obtained from the target device. A user-friendly interface is beneficial for uploading data logs to your cloud account. You get the remote control to lock the target device, block & delete them, and change primary settings.
Customer Support

Even the best apps may not work as intended. Dedicated customer support is crucial when your app has a bug or compromises on performance. The apps in this report feature 24/7 support.
User Reviews

Of course, none of these features matter if the app doesn’t deliver what it claims. This report features user reviews that are directly extracted from respected platforms. These are sites like Trustpilot, Sitejabber, Reddit, Capterra, and TechRadar.

  1. T-SPY – Best Spy App for All Devices

Track & Monitor Calls

Is your child talking to someone dangerous? Is your spouse cheating on you? T-SPY allows you to track incoming and outgoing calls. Get additional data like call duration and timeline. You will know who is calling the target device and also the top 10 callers list. T-SPY offers detailed call monitoring functions.
Manage Social Media Activity

Social media and messaging apps can be sources of much harm when used wrong. You can monitor text exchanges on Whatsapp, Instagram, Snapchat, Tinder and more with T-SPY. It is useful for tracking media activity like photos and video sharing.
GPS & Geo-Fencing

T-SPY is one of the best spy phone apps for GPS tracking and ensuring your child’s safety. The software offers features through which you can check their current and past location history. Get more insight on their location like address, coordinates and time spent there. With the geofencing feature, you can set safe zones for your child. You will receive notifications on your device when your child enters or exits these zones.
Monitor Browsing Activity

What type of content and websites do your children browse online? Monitoring web history is very convenient with the spy phone app, T-SPY. Get detailed reports on the browser history along with timestamps; also access browser history in incognito mode. You can set filters on web search, restrict explicit content and block unwanted websites. T-SPY is the best spy app for your smartphone because it enables hassle-free & remote browser control.
What Are Users Saying?

Trustpilot – Miranda, a single mother of two, says she tracked a stalker who was calling and harassing her daughter. She immediately fetched additional details on the person and reported him to the police.
Sitejabber – Several users have given positive ratings to T-SPY. The most appreciated features are customer support and a user-friendly interface.
  1. T-SPY – Best Spy App

Listen To Calls & Surroundings

T-SPY is considered to be the best spy app for Android because you can listen to live phone calls and record them. The software works discreetly without leaving any trace on the target phone’s call logs. Gain access to recorded calls on your web account when you cannot spy on live calls. This feature also works with Whatsapp call, Skype call, and Facetime call.
Gain Passcode Access

Children tend to hide their social media & photo apps with passwords & screen patterns. T-SPY is an ideal spy phone app offering the keylogger feature. This feature reveals passwords for hidden and locked apps by recording the keystrokes.
Remote Controls

Remotely control the camera to record live videos and take photos. Similarly, you can take screenshots of the activities, monitor web history, and uninstall apps. When the need arises, you can remotely uninstall, delete, and restart the software. Did you root or jailbreak thephone? T-SPY helps you easily hide your activities from the device’s owner.
Monitor Your Employees

T-SPY is popular for employee management, as you can track and control their online & offline activities. Take a look at their text exchanges on Whatsapp, Line, SMS, and other workplace apps. You can also analyze print job history and transferred file history on your device. Are your employees putting your company’s confidentiality & integrity at risk? The above functions will help you determine & prevent damage to your business.
What Are Users Saying?

Trustpilot – T-SPY has an average rating with users divided between positives and negatives. Many users talk favorably about the multiple features of this spy phone app.
Reddit – Reddit users claim that T-SPY has ineffective performance and customer service.
  1. ClevGuard – Best AntiSpy App

Monitor Social Apps

ClevGuard offers KidsGuard Pro, one of the best hidden spy apps for iPhone. With this spy phone app, you can monitor chats and recent activities on various social media apps. Check media exchange and change settings on apps like Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Kik and more. Is an online sexual predator harassing your child? With KidsGuard Pro, you will know.
Access Inbuilt Apps & Functions

KidsGuard Pro gives you access to several inbuilt phone applications and files. This starts from phone call monitoring – track incoming & outgoing calls. Check the images saved in the gallery, videos in the video player, and saved notes on the device. Monitoring text messages is made easy with KidsGuard Pro, one of the best spy apps. You can even recover deleted text messages.
Gain Remote Control

Do you want to control actions on the phone manually? KidsGuard Pro from ClevGuard enables several remote controls. You can record phone calls on the target device from the software installed on your phone. Similarly, take screenshots of the screen and turn on the rear camera to take photos.
Application Perks

There are several spy phone apps on the internet; however, ClevGuard offers the best spy apps known for security. The information you will gain from the spy phone app will only be accessible to you. KidsGuard Pro doesn’t root or jailbreak, thereby maintaining the phone’s integrity. Data from the target device is constantly synced into your web account.
What Are Users Saying?

Trustpilot – ClevGuard has relatively positive reviews from users. One parent says her son was spending his allowance on online gambling sites. KidsGuard Pro alerted the parent about her son’s activity.
USReviews – Users talk favorably about the app’s features. However, a few users claim that the app was not performing some operations like call recordings.
  1. SentryPC

Multiple Monitoring Functions

What games is your kid playing on the computer every day? What are they browsing & searching for on the internet? How is their time on PC spent? You can get answers to all these questions with the multiple monitoring features from SentryPC. Gain insight on timestamps, IP details, search history, print job history, and application usage stats.
Content Filtering

If your child is browsing for restricted content regardless of your warnings, then it is time to take some steps. SentryPC allows you to apply filters on the target device. With this, you can prevent access to explicit sites, violent games and limit their screentime. Apply filters and set alerts for when specific keywords are used.
Convenient Management

SentryPC enables remote access to the target device from anywhere in the world. At the same time, you can control more than one device with the software. The data obtained from the target device is uploaded to your cloud-based account and available for access at all times. SentryPC is protected with high-grade security – 2FA login and TOTP authentication.
User-Friendly Interface

SentryPC is the best spy app for iOS and Android OS when it comes to UI & UX. Get access to user reports, activity logs, and minute details on various functions. The software functions in the background and utilizes minimum CPU power. These features keep the user’s attention away from the software.
What Are Users Saying?

Capterrra – Users talk positively about the software’s features. Some features like filtering and remote screenshots are handy, according to regular users.
TechRadar – Dedicated reviews state that SentryPC is convenient to operate. Even non-tech-savvy users can register commands and monitor the target device easily.
  1. uMobix

GPS Tracking

Where does your teenage daughter hang out with her friends after school? Is your spouse lying about overtime and seeing someone else instead? Instances like these can get us worried. uMobix is the best spy phone app for tracking someone’s location. Utilize the track GPS feature and get to know their live location, location history and time spent there.
Get Control Over Their Socials

Teenagers are at a vulnerable age; they don’t think much before interacting with strangers online. These strangers could be pedophiles, hackers, scam artists, or stalkers. uMobixhelps you monitor Instagram, Whatsapp, Tinder, and more. Check their chats, media exchange, block shady individuals, and filter the newsfeed.
Obtain Keystrokes

Gain access to social apps, photo gallery and video storage that are protected with passwords. The inbuilt keylogger feature in uMobix records keystrokes and sensitive passcodes. This will give you instant access to protected files and locked social apps. Get notifications when a new keystroke is recorded and minute details like timestamps.
Access Photos & Videos

uMobix provides users access to the photos and videos on the target device. Why is your spouse hiding their office trip photos? Take a peek into their gallery with remote control from your device. On the other hand, you can monitor your child’s behavior with this feature. How? Access their camera folders and check if they are clicking and sending explicit photos to anyone.
What Are Users Saying?

Trustpilot – Most of the reviews are very favorable for the software. John, a user, said he caught a stalker who was blackmailing his daughter on Facebook. John immediately took legal action.
Reddit – Users on Reddit have given mixed ratings to uMobix. However, many users express satisfaction with their customer support.
  1. iKeyMonitor

Analyze Messages

iKeyMonitor is a preferred spy phone app for both concerned parents and employers. It is beneficial for monitoring messaging apps like Whatsapp, Telegram, Snapchat, Instagram, & others. Bullies and online harassers like to attack children on such apps. On the other hand, your employees might be slacking off at working by constantly checking their socials.
Get Passcodes & Take Screenshots

The keystroke feature in iKeyMonitor gives users access to saved passwords and passcodes. These passcodes can open the gallery app for you, as well as social media sites. You can spy on the pictures taken via the phone camera, inspect screenshots and downloaded media. iKeyMonitor takes spying to a whole new level – take screenshots off app screens & video calls. You can remotely click photographs or live record videos via the rearview camera.
Phone Control

Does your child spend hours and hours on social media platforms or playing games? The lack of real-life interaction can compromise social skills growth. Take action to control their activities and restrict the platforms you think are harmful. Set a maximum daily usage time, block phone activity before bedtime, and set schedules.
Check Reports At Your Convenience

iKeyMonitor proves helpful if you cannot access the target device at all times. Send report and activity logs to your email, export logs and files to your FTP or cloud accounts to access later. If you are monitoring more than one device, you can group them as per age or gender. You can also manage multiple accounts or allow access permission to someone you trust.
What Are Users Saying?

Trustpilot – The user testimonials are generally positive. Many users call it one of the best spy apps for phones.
Sitejabber – iKeyMonitor is a trusted monitoring service with attractive features and benefits.
  1. Mobile Spy

Mobile Spy
Live Control Panel

The ideal spy phone app helps you uncover the activities that are going on live on a device. Mobile Spy is one such software that offers the live control panel feature. You can view the live screen and monitor live activities – the screen updates every 90 seconds. Send remote commands to the target device from your phone and lock the screen remotely. You can access activity logs or send the reports to your phone with the live control panel.
Monitor Communications & Messaging Apps

There are several messaging apps today – Instagram, Whatsapp, Line, Telegram, Facebook and others. Teenagers use messaging apps all the time, but what do they chat about? They could be trading explicit photos and sexting with strangers. Some might be victims of bullying or sexual harassment. Mobile Spy is one of the best spy apps to monitor your child’s social activities and chats. Keep them away from trouble.
Track Web History

Online dangers aren’t just limited to social media and chats. You’d be surprised to know how often your child searches for sexually explicit content online. Content like that damages a child’s innocence and sets up unrealistic expectations. You can block such websites on their device, set up alerts if they are ever accessed and even track search history & incognito mode data.
Access Media Files

What pictures are your children clicking on their phones? What are they sending to their contacts, and what are they receiving? With Mobile Spy, you can conveniently access their media storage. Are their photos locked? Don’t worry; the software records keystrokes through which you can access media files.
What Are Users Saying?

Trustpilot – Irene, a user, states she appreciates the profanity filter feature. She also has set alerts to know if her son is using abusive language online.
Reddit – Some users expressed dissatisfaction with the software’s customer support.
  1. TheOneSpy
    Bugging & Recording

TheOneSpy is a unique spy phone app because you can record live phone calls and bug the device for surroundings. How does this happen? The software provides you access to the target device’s back & front camera and microphone. This feature helps you monitor the target’s phone calls, their conversation and whom they hang out with the most.
Take Camera Control

Along with the above feature of bugging, you can remotely take screenshots & screen recordings. This feature is best suitable for collecting proof on the individual operating the target device. Through the remote control of the front camera, you record live videos and take pictures. On the other hand, take screenshots of the chat screen, media exchange and apps like WhatsApp, Tinder, and Snapchat.
Know Their Plans

TheOneSpy is one of the best spy apps to monitor inbuilt applications and systems on a target device. What has your spouse planned for next week? Take a look at any scheduled events or appointments in their calendar. Similarly, inspect their saved contacts, most frequently called numbers, text messages, and emails.
Track Location & Geo-Fencing

Track your child’s real-time location with the GPS tracking feature. It is helpful for surveillance on their current location, the time spent there and route history. With TheOneSpy, you can create a fence around the target device. This helps to track their movement and ensures a safe space for your child. If your child leaves the predefined area, then you will receive alert notifications on your device.
What Are Users Saying?

Trustpilot – TheOneSpy has garnered mixed reviews on Trustpilot. Some users express displeasure with the software’s performance.
Sitejabber – However, users on Sitejabber talk positively about the software’s features and customer support.


Phone spy apps are a cornerstone in modern software and some of the most utilized apps today. These apps are popular among concerned parents who want to create a safe digital space for their children. On the other hand, spy apps help you uncover the truth about your spouse’s suspicious behavior. They are also suitable for securing your company’s data.

The best spy apps come with a price, but rightly so because of the various offered features. It depends on the user to reap its benefits. Remote control of another device has never been easier and better with such apps.