8 Super-Smart Ways to Organize All Those Cooking Utensils

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Storing all those cooking utensils can be a challenge: You want them within reach, but you don’t want them cluttering up every available drawer. See? Utensil storage is hard! Luckily, we have a few brilliant ideas to help. Here are our best tips and tricks for getting all those tools (spoons! spatulas! tongs! whisks!more spoons!) under control.

Commonly used for tools in a garage or workshop, a pegboard is just as handy for storing kitchen utensils. After all, Julia Child had one hung in her kitchen.

2. In Mason jars in a drawer.

3. On the side of cabinets.

Even if you lack wall space, you still probably have room to hang your utensils, as this Chicago home proves. Just hang a bar or individual hooks on the side of your cabinets and there you go — instant storage!

4. Diagonally in a drawer.

Storing long utensils diagonally makes smarter, more efficient use of drawer space. So simple, yet so brilliant. We even have the steps you need in order to make one custom for your drawer.

5. Under your upper cabinets.

This clever Umbra gadget mounts underneath your upper cabinets and has flexible grippers inside that grab and hold onto utensil handles.

8. In a custom drawer organizer.

How cool is this drawer organizer? It’s a non-slip, silicone mat (which you cut down to perfectly fit the size of your drawer) with 15 reposition-able “Divitz” (that stick to the mat and hold your tools in place). You can even rearrange it as you acquire (or get rid of) tools.

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Ayn-Monique Klahre


Ayn-Monique is a lifestyle editor and writer who’s worked for Good Housekeeping, Woman’s Day, FamilyFun and more. She loves lattes, jogging and hanging out at the playground with her husband and daughters.



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