Today, Adobe published a sneak peek video of its latest Sensei-powered feature coming soon to Photoshop, Sky Replacement.

Similar to the AI-powered sky replacement feature found in Skylum’s Luminar 4 editing program, Adobe’s new feature uses its Sensei AI to determine the foreground from the sky in an image and automatically masks the sky overlay to blend in seamlessly. While Photoshop will offer its own selection of presets, it’s also possible to import your own image of the sky.

Note how even the small details at the top of the structure are preserved and properly masked.

In addition to automatically masking out the sky, the Sky Replacement feature will also automatically tone the foreground of the image based on the color temperature of the sky being shown in the frame. As you can see around the two-minute mark of the above video, using a cooler part of the sunset in an image will result in a cooler foreground while using the warmer part of the sunset will give the foreground a warm, orange glow.

In addition to the automatic adjustments, there are also multiple parameters you can tweak yourself to ensure the sky looks exactly how you’d like. When you’re happy with the results, Photoshop will automatically create new layers for the masks and adjustments so you can further refine the image as you see fit.

Adobe doesn’t specify when we can expect to see this new feature in Photoshop.