Canon announces next generation IVY CLIQ cameras with built-in printers

Canon has announced a pair of new cameras with built-in printers in its IVY CLIQ range. The new models,

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Canon has announced a pair of new cameras with built-in printers in its IVY CLIQ range. The new models, the IVY CLIQ +2 and IVY CLIQ2, both produce 3x2in prints that double as stickers and which can be decorated with borders before printing, and both have a selfie mirror around the lens.

The IVY CLIQ2 model features a 5MP sensor and have built-in filters that users access in-camera. The IVY CLIQ +2 has a 8MP sensor and comes with a smartphone app that allows users to preview their images, to decorate them, add text and share them before printing.

The cameras have built-in Zink printers that use heat to bring out CMY dyes already embedded in the paper. Printing a 3x2in picture takes about 50 seconds according to Canon, the cameras can hold ten sheets of paper at a time and users should expect to recharge the battery after 25 prints.

The Canon IVY CLIQ2 (top) and IVY CLIQ+2 (lower) viewed from the top

The new cameras are scheduled to be available this month, along with a new circular sticker paper. The IVY CLIQ+2 will cost $149 and the IVY CLIQ2 will cost $99, while packs of the circular sticker paper will be $12.99 and regular rectangular paper is $9.99.
For more information see the Canon website.

Press release:

The Next Generation of Canon's Instant Camera Printer, IVY CLIQ+2 and IVY CLIQ2, Encourage Snap and Print Stickable Memories – In an Instant

Pre-Cut Circle Sticker Paper also Introduced, Taking prints with an IVY product to Another Dimension

How long is an instant? It could be long enough to snap the camera shutter at the right moment, but short enough to instantly print a photo from your compatible smartphone and share it with friends. In the essence of capturing, printing and sticking your photos, Canon U.S.A., Inc., a leader in digital imaging solutions, today announced the next generation of IVY products: The IVY CLIQ+2 Instant Camera Printer + App and IVY CLIQ2 Instant Camera Printer. Designed with fun at their core and an all-in-one package, the new IVY CLIQ2 instant camera printers boast new features and print color quality improvements.

“This next phase in the IVY product line is a direct result of what the end-user is passionate about when it comes to instant camera printers. Expressing individual style, instant access to printing and the option to stick photos are what make the new IVY products exciting for Gen-Z and Millennial consumers who are looking to think beyond their smartphone’s photography capabilities,” said Tatsuro “Tony” Kano, executive vice president of the Canon U.S.A., Inc. Imaging Technologies & Communications Group.

IVY CLIQ+2 Instant Camera Printer + App
True to its predecessor, the instant camera printer + app is equipped with an eight-megapixel1 camera and a selfie mirror surrounded by a glowing light ring of LEDs. The CLIQ+2 also connects to a compatible smartphone and the Canon Mini Print app2. Packed full of fun filters and borders – which are available with seasonal and celebratory themes – the app lets users customize and personalize their prints. Snap-happys also have the option to print from an SD card and the now available Live View allows users to check the image before clicking.

Though the CLIQ+2 is small, it is mighty with the “2 in 1” ability to both snap a photo and print a photo which also doubles as a sticker – if you so choose. Simply peel off the photo backing and stick wherever you like. Don’t let the slim and sleek design fool you – upping the instant camera printer + app ante, the new CLIQ+2 +app has new fresh features to channel all that creative energy, including:

* Three modes directly built into the camera to snap photos, such as:
o Landscape
o Portrait
o Selfie
* Built-in frame and filters – available directly from the camera

Adding another layer of creativity, Zink Pre-Cut Circle Sticker paper is a new consumable to use with the CLIQ+2 Instant Camera Printer +App. Through the Canon Mini Print app2, the consumer simply selects the “Pre-Cut Sticker” layout option, and then can edit their circular formatted photo to their liking and instantly print.

Available in Rose Gold and Midnight Navy, the CLIQ+2 Instant Camera + App will instantly make a sticking impression on friends and family!

IVY CLIQ2 Instant Camera Printer
Built with a five-megapixel1 camera, automatic-flash and the coveted selfie mirror – users can click, print and stick in an instant. New for the CLIQ2 are the built-in borders and filters that are accessible right from the camera – no app connection is required, and three new matte colors: Petal Pink, Turquoise and Charcoal.

Pricing and Availability
The Canon IVY CLIQ+2 Instant Camera Printer + App and Canon IVY CLIQ2 Instant Camera Printer are scheduled to be available for in-store purchase in September 2020 at an estimated retail price of $149.99* and $99.99*, respectively. Each instant camera printer comes with a starter pack of 10 sheets of 2x3 photo paper.

The Zink Pre-Cut Circle Sticker paper will also be available for in-store purchase in September 2020 at an estimated retail price of $12.99.*

For more information, and the full list of product specifications, visit

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