Pixelmator for iOS gets major version 2.5 update with three new browsers

Image editing software company Pixelmator has announced the release of Pixelmator for iOS version 2.5.

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Image editing software company Pixelmator has announced the release of Pixelmator for iOS version 2.5. The company describes this as a major update to its photo editor, one that adds a new file browser, a new document browser based on Apple's Files app and new image size presets that likewise come with a new browser. According to the company, 'This update is a really big deal for Pixelmator for iOS.'

Pixelmator for iOS 2.5 brings a total of three big new features; the company notes that while they 'might not be amazingly flashy,' they are 'incredibly important to the future' of the app.

The new Files-based document browser offers a much better file browsing experience compared to the previous version of the software, offering users access to important features like tagging and search. Pixelmator explains that introducing this new feature is the 'key first step' in its plan to refresh the mobile image editor.

Users will note that the new browser makes it easier to open and edit images that are stored in iCloud, as well as ones on external devices, third-party cloud services and ones stored on iPhone or iPad itself. The new photo browser joins this, simplifying the process of finding and opening images from the Photos app.

The third big feature is the new image size presets, which are exactly what they sound like: a way to rapidly create new images that feature commonly used resolutions. These three major additions are joined by a number of smaller updates, including new quick actions for 'Open Most Recent Photo' and 'Take Photo,' plus Pixelmator for iOS will now preserve the selected Flash mode when the camera has been closed and then reopened.

Other changes to Pixelmator for iOS version 2.5 include an adjustment to the True Tone effect that reduces its strength while editing, as well as multiple bug fixes for problems that included memory management issues, trouble opening and creating files if select third-party apps were installed, a crashing bug that involved the Full Keyboard Access setting and a display issue with the Help feature.

These features build upon the app's existing tools and other offerings; Pixelmator bills its app as a full-featured image editor, one designed for the iPad and iPhone. The software features expected image editing tools like cloning, blurring, levels, curves, and more, as well as a variety of image templates, effects presets and distortion tools.

The new Pixelmator for iOS 2.5 update can be downloaded now. The app is available on the Apple App Store now for $4.99.

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