Adobe releases Premiere Pro update, including scene detection and improved HDR

Adobe has announced an update for Adobe Premiere Pro and released a new beta for After Effects. In Prem

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Adobe has announced an update for Adobe Premiere Pro and released a new beta for After Effects. In Premiere Pro, which is now at version 14.4, Adobe has added Scene Edit Detection, HDR for broadcasters, exporting with proxies and more. The beta update for After Effects includes a new 3D Gizmo and new camera navigation tools. Both the new Premiere Pro release and the beta update for After Effects include improved performance.

The new Scene Edit Detection feature, powered by Adobe Sensei artificial intelligence, allows you to add edit points in any footage as you import it into Premiere Pro. When using Scene Edit Detection is used, Premiere Pro analyzes imported video, detects original edit points and adds cuts or markets at edit points. You can learn more about the feature in the video below and by clicking here.

Premiere Pro 14.4 includes a new Rec.2100 color space, allowing broadcasters to work with more dynamic HDR content. Additional HDR features include fully color managed and GPU accelerated workflows for Apple ProRes and Sony XAVC-I formats, color space overrides and the ability to set scopes for Rec2100 HLG. Additional information about HDR for broadcasters can be found here.

The next new feature for Premiere Pro, exporting with proxies, allows users to select to use proxies while exporting, such as when you want a quick export that doesn't require full-resolution media. There is also a new export feature, Quick Export, currently in a public beta. This feature allows easier access to popular and frequently used export settings from the menu bar in Premiere Pro. You can see a preview of this feature below.

Premiere Pro and After Effects (beta) have both received improvements to overall performance. Premiere Pro's improved performance results in third-party audio plugins now scanning up to 10-15 times faster than before. ProRes multi-cam performance has been doubled as well. After Effects's channel effects incorporate GPU acceleration, which results in performance improvements ranging from about 1.5 to 3 times.

After Effects's new beta includes a new 3D Gizmo. This feature allows for faster motion graphics work and improved speed for scene navigation. There are also new camera navigation tools, including support for multiple virtual cameras.
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