Curated film subscription service launched by Analogue Wonderland

[embedded content] Online film retailer Analogue Wonderland has started a new curated film subscription servic

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Online film retailer Analogue Wonderland has started a new curated film subscription service for those who enjoy trying different emulsions. The Analogue Wonderbox service promises to deliver six different 35mm films every two months so subscribers can expand their experience of unusual as well as regular emulsion types and brands.

Covering both color and black and white rolls, the service will offer negative and positive films, and users can expect extra goodies in the packages including offers on processing, merchandise and other free gifts. The idea of the service is to introduce film photographers to different emulsions but particularly to give those new to film, and those coming back to it, a taste of what is available.

The company says each week subscribers will be sent information on one of the films, with an explanation of what to expect from it as well as hints on getting the most from it. All subscribers will get the same films each time so they can discuss their results and post examples of their work. Each month the company will hold a competition for pictures shot on one of the films in the subscription pack.

Analogue Wonderland says that although some films will be cheaper than others the total value of each pack will add up to, or exceed, the cost of the service, and that the goodies, learning and community will make it even better value. There are over 100 films to get through, with a wide range of looks to be explored.

The subscription costs £50 (approx. $65) every two months, with shipping included for those in the UK. Shipping to Europe and the USA costs £12 (approx. $15). For more information see the Analogue Wonderland website.
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