For now all of our supply chains are flowing freely—we’re not experiencing a shortage of stock for the shop or the kitchen. We’ve been in touch with our POS vendor, though, who has assured us that things are fine if their employees work remotely. The news is top of mind for me, but we’re staying proactive. It’s the best thing I can do for our community. I can’t control how the city or government responds to the illness, but controlling what I can in my little All Together Now domain gives me a sense of calm. I know we’re doing what we can to take care of our employees and our community.

Current restaurant diarists include:

Brandon Jew, chef and owner of Mister Jiu’s, Moongate Lounge, and Mamahuhu in San Francisco
Jessie Comfort and Adrienne Elliott, managers at Kakao in Seattle, WA
Deborah VanTrece, owner of Twisted Soul in Atlanta, GA
Erin Carlman Weber, co-owner at All Together Now in Chicago
Harris Mayer-Selinger, managing partner at Creamline in New York City
Mark Canlis, co-owner of Canlis in Seattle, WA
Anna Dunn, restaurant consultant, writer, and activist in New York City
Tess Kaytmaz, restaurant host in New York City
Devorah Sawyer, director of marketing at the Berkshire Food Co-op in Great Barrington, MA
Eric Ripert, chef at Le Bernadin in New York City
Sara Mardanbigi, co-owner of Nixta Taqueria in Austin, TX
Emily Woodworth, server at Bungalow by Middle Brow, Chicago
Adam Eskin, founder of Dig Food Group, a fast-casual chain with locations in Boston, Philadelphia, and New York City
Meg Savage, executive director at Rethink Food NYC in New York City Christopher Freeman, director of hospitality at Occasion Caterers in Washington, D.C.
Brian Yazzie, caterer, traveling chef, and member of the I-Collective in St. Paul, MN
Parnass Savang, co-owner of soon-to-open Talat Market in Atlanta, GA
Steve Sando, owner of Rancho Gordo in Napa, CA
Ilma Lopez, owner of Chaval and Piccolo in Portland, ME
Ismail Ismail, owner of Highland Food Mart in San Antonio, TX
Michelle and Ken Mungcal, co-owners of Now Serving in Los Angeles
Lulu Meyer, director of operations at Center for Urban Education about Sustainable Agriculture (CUESA)in San Francisco
Jerad Morrison, co-founder of Sightglass, a coffee shop with locations in Los Angeles and San Francisco
Cate Hardy, CEO of PCC Community Markets in Seattle, WA
Jimmy Lee, general manager at House Roots Coffee in Granada Hills, CA
Andrea Cherng, chief marketing officer of Panda Restaurant Group, which operates 2,500 Panda Express restaurants nationwide
Clara Lee and Eddo Kim, co-owners of Queens in San Francisco, CA
Sam Kass, co-organizer, Independent Restaurant Coalition and former senior policy advisor for Healthy Food Initiatives to Michelle Obama
Ashtin Berry, activist, sommelier, and founder of America’s Table, New Orleans, LA
K, HEB, Austin, TX (Ed. Note: We chose to identify K by the first initial of their first name out of respect for their privacy and job security.)
Misti Norris, chef and owner of Petra and the Beast in Dallas, TX
Edward Lee, owner of 610 Magnolia in Louisville, KY, and founder of the The LEE Initiative
Morgan McLachlan, master distiller at Amassin Los Angeles
Becca Parrish, founder and owner of Becca PR in New York City
Cameron Paine-Thaler, Instacart shopper in Seattle
Erik Bruner-Yang, chef-owner of Maketto in Washington, D.C.
Sana Javeri Kadri, founder of Diaspora Co. in Oakland, CA
Naomi Pomeroy, co-organizer of the Independent Restaurant Coalition and chef-owner of Beast in Portland, OR
David Fathi, director of the ACLU National Prison Project in Washington D.C.
Brian Galati, partner at Machine Hospitality Group in Chicago
Chris O’Malley, counsel at King & Spalding LLP in Chicago
Bill Tine, VP of marketing at King Arthur Flour in Norwich, VT
DyAnne Iandoli, private chef in Long Island, NY
Cole Riley, founder of Founders Give in New York City
Darwin and Nikki Manahan, founders of Manahan+Co in Los Angeles
Andrew Dana and Daniela Moreira, owners of Call Your Mother and Timber Pizza Co. in Washington, D.C.
Ben Goldberg, founder and president of the New York Food Truck Association in New York City
Franco Fubini, founder and CEO of Natoora in London
Sallie Miller and Gwen Gunheim, owners of Miracle Plum in Santa Rosa, CA
Sam Strand, co-owner of Lunch Nightly in Kingston, NY
Eric Sze, chef and co-owner of 886 in New York City
Saru Jayaraman, president of One Fair Wage in Oakland, CA
Shaolee Sen, CEO of Hot Bread Kitchen in New York City
Ethan Frisch and Ori Zohar, founders of Burlap & Barrel in New York City
Nikos Kavanya, purchaser at Fedco Seeds in Clinton, ME
Meghan Heriford, owner of Ladybird Diner & Ladybird Pantry in Lawrence, KS
Sam Penix, founder of Fuel Frontlines NYC and owner of Everyman Espresso in New York City
Yin Chang and Moonlynn Tsai, co-founders of Table to Table in New York City
Reem Assil, chef and owner of Reem’s in Oakland and San Francisco
Sadie Clements, assistant director of food and nutrition services at UC San Diego Health in San Diego, CA
Taylor Lanzet, director of supply and sustainability at Dig Food Group New York City
Jake Adams and Eden Rehmet, owners of Hollow in Delhi, NY
Kenshiro Uki, vice president of operations at Sun Noodle in Carlstadt, NJ
Pete Messmer, head cheesemaker at Lively Run Dairy in Interlaken, NY
Julia Momose, partner/owner of Kumiko and founder of Cocktails for Hope in Chicago
Syed Asim Hussain, co-founder of Black Sheep Restaurants in Hong Kong
Omar Anani, chef and owner of Saffron De Twah in Detroit
Gabe Erales and Philip Speer, chefs and co-owners of Comedor in Austin
Chris Pugliese, owner of Tompkins Square Bagels in New York City
Josh Ku and Trigg Brown, owner and chef of Win Son and Win Son Bakery in New York City
Abra Berens, chef at Granor Farm in Three Oaks, Michigan
Othón Nolasco, co-founder of Va’la Hospitality and No Us Without You in Los Angeles
Eric Cooper, president and CEO of the San Antonio Food Bank, in San Antonio, TX
Matty Kim, F&B curator at Shinsegae Chosun Hotel Group in Seoul
Caitlin Meade, co-founder of Native Co. in San Francisco
Armando Vera, co-owner of Vera’s Backyard Bar-B-Que in Brownsville, TX
Juliana Graf , co-owner of Heartbreakers Pizza in Ottawa
Lenore Estrada, executive director of SF New Deal and chef and co-founder of Three Babes Bakeshop in San Francisco
Lizzy Johnston, Linda McNeil, and Austin L. Ray, creators of Eating Our Feelings in Atlanta
Frank Chung, manager at Henry’s Hunan Restaurant in San Francisco
Marco Juarez, co-owner of Wokker inside the Underground Hall in Houston
Adrienne Lo and Abe Conlon, co-owner and chef/co-owner of Fat Rice in Chicago
Justin Mckibben, founder of Send Chinatown Love in New York City
Mina Stone, chef and owner of Mina’s inside MoMA PS1 in New York City
Hugo Ortega and Tracy Vaught, co-owners of H-Town Restaurant Group in Houston
Luca and Isabella Pietro, founder and owner of Tarallucci e Vino and co-founders of Feed the Frontlines NYC in New York City
Jesús Salas Tornés, chef and owner of Expendio de Maíz Sin Nombre and produce vendor at Mercado el 100 in Mexico City
Nelly and Michael Hand, founders and fishermen of Drifters Fish in Cordova, AK Brandon Hays, co-founder of This and That Hospitality in Dallas
Elizabeth Tilton, founder and CEO of Oyster Sunday in New Orleans
Eric Skokan, co-owner of Black Cat in Boulder, CO
Theresa Keane and Willow O’Brien, co-owners of Pixie Retreat in Portland, OR
Claire King, worker-owner at Seward Café in Minneapolis
Lemeir Mitchell, founder of Happy Ice in Los Angeles
Robert Rice, owner of Pow Wow Grounds in Minneapolis
Frank Paro, president of the American Indian Movement in Minneapolis
Troy “Chef T” King and Selena Johnson, owners of Six Forks Burger Co. in Louisville, KY
Rachael Nemeth, co-founder and CEO of Opus in New York City
Devon Turner, executive director of Grow Dat Youth Farm in New Orleans
Deepti Sharma, founder and CEO of Food to Eat in New York City
Nina Compton, chef and owner of Compère Lapin and Bywater American Bistro in New Orleans
Matthew Goodrich, principal at Goodrich in New York City
Laurel Beth Kratochvila, owner of Fine Bagels in Berlin
Day Bracey, co-founder of Fresh Fest Digi Fest in Pittsburgh
Sung Anh, chef-owner of Mosu in Seoul
Jeanne Jordan and Ashwin Deshmukh, head chef  and co-owner of Short Stories in New York City
Mary Blackford, founder of Market 7 in Washington, D.C.
Irena Stein, owner of Alma Cocina Latina in Baltimore
Tom and Mariah Pisha-Duffly, chef and co-owners of Gado Gado and Oma’s Takeaway in Portland, OR
Lindsey Ofcacek, co-founder and managing director of The LEE Initiative in Louisville, KY
Bonnie Morales, chef-owner of Kachka Alfresca in Portland, OR
Rasheeda McCallum, co-founder of Black Chef Movement  in New York City
Thuy Pham, owner of Mama Đút Foods in Portland, OR
Angela Shen, founder and CEO of Savor Seattle in Seattle
Christal Bramson, co-owner of Rebel Taco  Washington, D.C.
Samira Mohyeddin, co-owner of Banu in Toronto
Rahul Reddy, founder of Subko in Mumbai
Chris Shepherd, executive chef and owner of Underbelly Hospitality in Houston